There can be many reasons why someone wants to get a headshot. Maybe it's some personal branding for your website, maybe it's for Spotlight or maybe you just want some really lovely photos for a dating website! Whatever your need, whether you're a seasoned professional or a headshot first timer, there are a few things to think about which can make your experience run really smoothly.
1. What is the photo's intent? A classic actor's headshot vs a colourful portrait to fit in with the branding of your website would yield two very different results. I like to have a chat via email ahead of the shoot to talk about what your needs are so that we can make sure together that you walk away with the perfect set of pictures. This discussion can include anything from backdrop colours, clothing ideas and even help sourcing hair and make-up for you if needed.
2. Clothing and accessories. Are we going for a traditional Spotlight headshot? Then I always advise to keep things simple, with neutral colours, no logos or patterns, necklines which won't be cut off awkwardly and natural hair and make-up to show off a polished version of you. Are you doing some personal branding? Then let's talk about what's right for you, whether that's clashing colours, colour blocking, or even bold statement accessories which get to the crux of who you and your brand are.
3. What happens on the day? You'll arrive for your headshot mostly ready to go, save for a few quick touch ups. I'll make you a tea or a coffee if you'd like one so that you can have a chance to ready yourself, and we'll have a quick chat about your clothing options and hang things up if needed. Then the shooting starts! I'll give you as much guidance as you need or want, and we'll shoot with a few different backdrops and lighting set ups to ensure you have a variety of images and styles to choose from. Sessions range from 30 - 90 minutes, but whichever package you choose, we'll take whatever time we need to get the best shots.
4. What happens after? Once our session is completed, you'll be sent a set of contact sheets digitally which will show unedited versions of everything we shot together. Take your time to go through them, maybe even share them with friends or family if you want a second opinion. Once you're ready, let me know which ones are your favourites and I'll retouch them and get them back to you as finished, high-res digital files.
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